Behind the Songs for WICKED CITY!

Hey Fan Club!

If you haven't seen the news, the release for the "Wicked City" EP will be FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2017! That's about a month away! Below is a photo I just posted as my Facebook banner today. You're welcome to save it and POST/SHARE on your social media sites, as well as with friends and family, too!

Don't forget that you are still able to pre-order the EP on my PledgeMusic campaign: - until May 27th! I know many of you have already, so thank you for your support!

Also - below is a video that you guys get to see first, before I post on social media! I filmed a series of 6 short videos, one for every song on the EP, sharing a little bit behind each song. This is NOT the final video, but here's the one for the BRAND NEW song "Gray" that no one has heard yet! Hope you enjoy!! :)

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